Wednesday, 1 October 2014

MAC Palette Tour

I know, I skipped Mondays post, but to makeup for it, here's a tour of my finally completed MAC palette!
I've already mentioned before that I had a 15 pan palette before - but filled with 'popular' colours. Though a fair few of them were brilliant, this time around, I made it a point to only pick shades I know I would love to wear everyday.
As far as quality goes, I find that MAC can be very hit and miss. Some shadows are buttery soft and intense while some are chalky and painfully sheer - so my advice would be to try them. Try before you buy!
The colours I own are:

Top Row
All that Glitters - Beige with gold pearl
Woodwinked - Warm Antique Gold (I won't rave about this AGAIN, I promise)
Amber Lights - Peachy Brown with Shimmer
Bronze - Gold Brown with gold-bronze Shimmer
Antiqued - Ash Brown with Bronze

Middle Row
Soba - Gold Brown with Gold Shimmer (although they sound similar, this is nothing like Bronze)
Soft Brown - Soft Golden Peachy-brown
Texture - Peachy Brown with Shimmer (Same description as Amber Lights which is more orange-gold and a frost finish)
Rule - Vivid Orange (Excellent to intensify a crease)
Brown Down - Teddy bear Brown (Oh, MAC, your descriptions!)

Bottom Tow
Sable - Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl
Twinks - Deep Plum with Pearl (Its amazing when paired with Sable, really makes dusky skin and brown eyes pop)
Satin Taupe - Taupe with silver shimmer
Greensmoke - Tarnished Olive (One colour smokey eye, this is just.. spectacular)
Club - Red brown with green pearl

I'm so happy with this palette - I use it every single day!
What do you think? What does your MAC Palette have?

Friday, 26 September 2014

FOTD #10

Before I start this - can you guys see how pasty I look? Ugh, I really need to pile on the bronzer, and its really making me feel like a corpse. Sigh. But anyway.
Its been a while, hasn't it? I always love posting these types of blogs and I'm so glad I could finally work out the lighting (Stand in front of my window with my camera held awkwardly in my hand) and the rest of that jazz.
This was a quick one before School one day in this past week.
For base I used my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation all over, followed by my trusty Bobbi Brown Corrector under the eyes. I pricision powdered in certain areas of my face using my Chanel Loose Powder. I really piled on the Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzer to add some colour to dull face.
For the eyes, I went back to an oldie but a favorite.. the Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura, followed by several lashings of my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara! I ran some dark brown shadow through my brows.. A bit of lip balm and I was done!

What d'you think? 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Foundation Conundrum

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is supposed to be a gel based foundation with a light-medium coverage that goes over areas of texture and colour and glide over it, while providing radiance and hydrating your skin. Atleast it claims to do all of that.
After using this for close to a month, I've been debating on writing a post about it, because honestly, I don't know what I feel about it. Hence, the conundrum.
For starters, I find it doesn't really glide over my skin the way I presumed something that claimed it was 'gel based' would. It was streaky and patchy, and I really needed to buff it in to stop that from happening.
Secondly, since I needed to buff it into areas where I had texture and pigmentation, I couldn't really build it up to anything more than a light layer - which is great if you have perfect skin, with my skin however, NOPE. Just doesn't work. So it was a bit of a fail on the coverage front.
Third, I found that it just sat on my skin, without sinking in, adding to my need to buff it or use a sponge - which honestly speaking is a huge bother in the morning when I'd rather just sleep that extra ten minutes I take to get this to sink into my skin. Ugh.

But, all is not lost. I really do like how radiant my skin looks when I wear it. And it stays put all day long without much fading. Also, colour match (I have 55) is pretty decent as far as budget foundations are concerned.

So... have you had this problem? Not sure if you like or dislike a product? Well, join the club, and help me make a decision!